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Dew Claw kennel is home to Dan Kaduce, Jodi Bailey, and their kennel of Alaskan Huskies. They are a distance racing kennel located in beautiful Chatanika, Alaska.  They are passionate about dogs, and addicted to mushing. 

Meet the Dogs of Dew Claw 

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Jodi Bailey

Jodi Bailey

Jodi was born on Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts. She attended Emory University in Atlanta where she earned her BA in Theater Studies / Anthropology. While at University she spent her summers in Alaska and fell in love with the place. As soon as she graduated in 1991 she moved to Alaska full time and never looked back. 

Today she and her husband Dan Kaduce call Dew Claw Kennel in Chatanika Alaska their home.  Jodi has been running dogs for almost 2 decades, starting recreationally and graduating to competitive distance mushing.  She has run many races in Alaska including the Copper Basin 300, Kobuk 440, GinGin 200, and Denali Doubles. She is also a veteran of both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod 1000 mile races. She holds the distinction of being the first rookie to ever complete both races in the same year.


Jodi on Iditarod

“The lifestyle is neither easy nor glamorous, but I would not trade it for the world” Jodi says. “I love my time with the dogs. When you are out there on the trail you don't have emails, work, laundry or anything but you and them and the miles ahead of you. It is a wonderful feeling.”   When it comes to racing Jodi says, “Training dogs for a race like the Iditarod takes an enormous amount of work and investment. However you get the honor of running the race, and that is the reward.” She also loves how you are exposed traveling by dog team. “Alaska is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, geography, wildlife, Aurora, I am constantly in awe of the views that surround me mushing.”

In addition to mushing Jodi enjoys food & cooking, running, yoga, and working on projects around the house and kennel. She also makes an all-natural salve called MUSH.


Multi-Use Salve for healing

Learn about the herbal salve Jodi makes with locally harvested ingredients for use on her and the team.
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Dan Kaduce


Dan grew up in Chippewa Falls WI. His experience with sled dogs started about 20 years ago as a way to explore the local winter trails of his new home, Fairbanks, Alaska. He had been a skier and dog owner his whole life; but had no idea how great those two worked together. He got a couple of sled dogs from local mushers and recreationally enjoyed ski-joring for a few years. Dan's two dogs eventually turned into more and he was forced to leave skis for the relative safety of a dog sled.

Dan on Iditarod

Dan met Jodi, who was also a recreational ski-jorer.  Together they began building what is now Dew Claw Kennel. The name comes from Dan's first sled dog. A sweet little brown dog named Jpeg, read more at the blog.  Dan handled for a musher on the 1998 Yukon Quest. That race introduced him to competitive long distance dog racing and Dan was hooked. Less than 1 month later he took the entire kennel (all nine) to the Percy de Wolfe 200 and the racing life was born. Dan is a veteran of both the Yukon Quest (Veterinarians  Choice 2003) and Iditarod (Rookie of the Year 2010).  He says he is looking forward to new challenges and many more years of adventure with the Dew Claw dogs.

Dan and Jodi at the Yukon Quest finish

Custom Building

Dan builds sleds and custom dog boxes.

Contact us for more information if you would like something custom built.

Dan builds all our sleds

Dew Claw Races

Over the years we have continued to learn and improve. The hope is to work hard and once again compete in the Iditarod in 2016. It is never too early or too late to get involved with our team and help make this goal a reality.
Dew Claw Kennel has been competing in major races across Alaska and Canada for over a decade. Our goal is, and has always been, to run the team in front of us to our best ability. 

Iditarod ceremonial start


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In addition to our goals of training for the major long distance races in Alaska we are working with out dogs to introduce guest to the amazing sport of mushing. We focus on custom adventures that give you the opportunity to experience the excitement of running a team in the beauty of Alaska. 

Contact us when you are planning your Alaskan adventure to see how we can make mushing a part of your experience.

Musher selfie


Meet the Dogs of Dew Claw

2015 Iditarod Race team
2015 Iditarod Race Team

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