Exciting Addition

Yep, it has been a long time coming.  When you have been at it as long as we have people start to expect it even. Our friends who have made the leap already ask us… when are you going to?

But you know it is a lot of responsibility, can really change your life, and we wanted to make sure we were really ready. It required a few adjustments to our living arrangements, but I think it will be well worth it.

Well the time is now –

And we are super excited to announce – Continue reading

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Something smells a little fishy



Well lets be honest, something smells a Lot fishy, and that something…

Fish. Come on people what else has that distinct fishy smell that comes from freezing a thousand salmon in your driveway? Let me tell you the answer is, nothing.  Fish is the smell of fall at Dew Claw Kennel. Fisheries operate in the fall, and have to stop when the rivers start to freeze up, so you have a limited window of time in which to get your entire winters supply of fish. We were very fortunate, again this year, to get about a thousand fish for our team.

But nothing is ever that simple in my life, or so it seems.  And this fall fish was no exception, because right after getting over 700 of the fish home the freezer unit in our walk in decided it would be a great time to stop working. Of course it was NOT a great time to quit, I completely disagree with the freezer unit on this one. But after actually finding a repair person who would make the trek out to our place, and saying multiple prayers to the patron saint of major appliances, the freezer unit stubbornly refused to change its mind.

Which leads me to the explanation of why stinky fish were covering my driveway. Continue reading

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Space Cadets in Orbit

Dawn says "looks at my new house"

Dawn says “looks at my new house”

Yes folks it has been a long time since we have updated y’all on the Space Cadet litter.

That all changes today.  They went into orbit last week, each with their own straw filled dog house. After some protests about the new living situation they settled in to life in the dog yard.  They look more like little dogs that puppies, and it will not be too long before they get to start learning about harnesses and ganglines. But for now they are still enjoying hikes and free runs. Continue reading

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Speed dating with a dog team

Colony Glacier Dog Camp - an amazing place to spend the summer.

Colony Glacier Dog Camp – an amazing place to spend the summer.

When I asked my friends on Facebook what questions they had about my summer glacier experience I kinda figured people would be interested in the logistics. The mundane details of life – brushing your teeth, dinner, shoveling the dog yard as altered and accomplished in such an “out there” location. But what surprised me is how many friends were more interested in the guests who came and mushed with us on Colony Glacier. They wanted to know their stories and reactions, not the details and logistics. Which is working out great for me, because after an entire summer of working hard at details and logistics I am ready to done with that till next summer. But the people and the stories, now this is going to be fun. Continue reading

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Good-bye Glacier



“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”
― Frank Herbert


And for the 2015 Colony Glacier Dog Camp the story stopped on September 2 when 26 dogs and I flew down to the Palmer Airport and our season was officially over. The dogs came down in 2 trips on a fixed wing plane. Gear went back to the lodge by helicopter in multiple loads. Including some impressive sling loads. We had been packing and sending down as much as we could in advance to make the take down easier. But with 32 dogs and 2 people there was a lot of gear and supplies that we needed until the day we left.  In spite of that we made quick work of tear down when the time came.  My co-worker Gus Gunther and I were joined by our friend and fellow Iditarod musher Justin Savidis on the last few days and it was great to have his company and the extra help.

I am back on green ground with the dogs taking a break and relaxing before we start up with fall training. Continue reading

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Healing and getting back to the Dog Days of Summer

OK, my well thought out plan to work my butt off this summer has been replaced by a last minute plan to get my appendix out this summer. This is often the case with my plans, they do not always work out the way I envision them, and yet somehow they work out.  And even though I am very sad to be missing work days on a short summer season I am forever grateful that I was flown down and got the medical attention I so badly needed*.

Dogs enjoying a sunny day on the glacier

Dogs enjoying a sunny day on the glacier

I am also forever grateful to the folks at Knik River Lodge for being so supportive while I am healing. Especially fellow musher Gus Gunther who stayed on the glacier the entire time I was down making sure that my dogs got the same level of care and attention they would if I was there. Continue reading

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