Progress – continued

Part Two – the house

First floor framed up.

First floor framed up.

OK – since I have already taken the pictures for ‘Progress – part 3’ I better, as they say, Get ‘er Done with part 2.  And as the photos will show the progress has been steady.  This next phase of building was framing, basically giving the new house shape.  We also moved utilities, and put in a new septic system. And one could have been a major hassle but thankfully went well project, moving of the kitchen. The kitchen was a new addition Dan built to our old cabin, and the one part that was left standing after the demolition. I love the kitchen, it has beautiful poured concrete counter-tops (which Dan just refinished) and a good design to work in. But moving it was certainly a big project. Heavy equipment was used, and despite a few moments basically everything went smoother then expected. As walls started being solid, stairs appeared, window frames were built, and the porch constructed, the house took real shape.  Here is the progress in photos. Continue reading

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Progress – a photo blog in two parts

Part One – the dogs

Hanging out with Dawn

Hanging out with Dawn

OK a ton of stuff going on at Dew Claw right now! The building part has meant that we were without utilities for a bit, and are still living in the garage while building the house (part two of the progress blog) and I am way behind. Please excuse me, and understand, that when faced with a beautiful dog team to train and a house to build I find my priorities stray far from the laptop.  But I have some great photos to share with y’all, and we will be starting (as always at Dew Claw) dogs first.

Thistle chillin in the sun

Thistle chillin in the sun

So how are things with the dogs, you ask. Other then the appalling lack of snow, and the fact that I am sick to death of driving the quad for hours on end as we condition the team for the adventures ahead, great! The team is happy and looking good. Winter coats are super soft, and for that we have to thank Dr. Carson’s All Natural Products. The dogs get supplemented year round for optimal health, and in winter when we are training we use the Complete product for dogs. Tons of frozen meat and fish are being stockpiled for the dogs winter dining enjoyment. Safe to say they will be eating good this winter. Continue reading

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Days roll by…

So it has been almost a month since the last blog post.  And time is flying by! At some point in time as I was in my daily blur of running and building it dawned on me that all those twits using Twitter might be onto something. Their posts are only one line long! Way shorter then a blog.

Of course as I kept thinking I came around to the logical conclusion that even short posts need to be posted. And since I can barely keep my blog alive, maybe I did not need to add another form of social media to be socially awkward on right now.  So instead as my mind wanders I just think up Tweets I would post, if I had my act together enough to always be posting.

And today for your enjoyment I present a month of what I would have said on Twitter ~ With some photos, cause lets be honest, sometimes 140 characters is just not enough.  Oh and I am randomly making up hash tags with no practical understanding of how they work. #havingfun #dealwithit Continue reading

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So what have we been up to?

My friends you have probably been concerned at my obvious lack of posting, and my appalling lack of email replies is beyond reproach. I think I have a good excuse, so to that end I created a little Q&A photo blog.  This is kinda how I imagine the dialog would unfold if you ran into me and we were doing the getting caught up chit chat. I will pretend you are the person in Bold and tell you what’s been going on in my life. But since I am too tired right now to type it all up I am going to let my photos do the talking for me.  Here we go –

How are Jasper and Opal?

*Cue “ We’re Going To Be Friends,” The White Stripes for the soundtrack to this answer

Freaking awesome!!! Continue reading

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Jasper and Baby Steps

Jasper joined our family a scared little dog.

Jasper joined our family a scared little dog.

A new addition to the Dew Claw family, Mr. Jasper joined us June 28 and we could not be happier.  He is still not sure about it all, but when you consider where he came from you really can not blame him.

He came to us through Alaska Animal Friends Rescue (AARF), they do excellent work in the Anchorage area. I do not know much about his past, but prior to that he had been found running wild with his siblings, young dogs who, as far as anyone could tell, had never been in human contact. This was in the lower 48, and the chances for them at a shelter were not good, so as fortune and fate would have it they ended up at AARF in Anchorage. Continue reading

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Picnic Photos

With my friend Toni at ITC Picnic

Well friends by now you have all seen the news.  Over 50 mushers signed up the first day at the volunteer appreciation picnic.  You can see the complete list of mushers here, and yes you will find my name on there. And that is how another year of insanity begins!!! Continue reading

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