Good-bye Glacier



“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”
― Frank Herbert


And for the 2015 Colony Glacier Dog Camp the story stopped on September 2 when 26 dogs and I flew down to the Palmer Airport and our season was officially over. The dogs came down in 2 trips on a fixed wing plane. Gear went back to the lodge by helicopter in multiple loads. Including some impressive sling loads. We had been packing and sending down as much as we could in advance to make the take down easier. But with 32 dogs and 2 people there was a lot of gear and supplies that we needed until the day we left.  In spite of that we made quick work of tear down when the time came.  My co-worker Gus Gunther and I were joined by our friend and fellow Iditarod musher Justin Savidis on the last few days and it was great to have his company and the extra help.

I am back on green ground with the dogs taking a break and relaxing before we start up with fall training. Continue reading

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Healing and getting back to the Dog Days of Summer

OK, my well thought out plan to work my butt off this summer has been replaced by a last minute plan to get my appendix out this summer. This is often the case with my plans, they do not always work out the way I envision them, and yet somehow they work out.  And even though I am very sad to be missing work days on a short summer season I am forever grateful that I was flown down and got the medical attention I so badly needed*.

Dogs enjoying a sunny day on the glacier

Dogs enjoying a sunny day on the glacier

I am also forever grateful to the folks at Knik River Lodge for being so supportive while I am healing. Especially fellow musher Gus Gunther who stayed on the glacier the entire time I was down making sure that my dogs got the same level of care and attention they would if I was there. Continue reading

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Where the Dew Claw Dogs are~

I know I have not been blogging much. But I have a great reason! The Dew Claw Dogs and I are living on the Colony Glacier this summer. We are all working for the Knik River Lodge, at their glacier dog camp.  The team and I are having a blast giving visitors the chance to experience running a dog team. Glacier camps provide the unique opportunity to mush on snow all summer long. So instead of the heat and mosquitoes of Fairbanks we get to chill out in a beautiful, snow covered, mosquito free, dog camp.

Dog Yard on the Colony Glacier

Dog Yard on the Colony Glacier

Continue reading

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Launched into Space ~

Ta Da! The theme for the latest litter of Dew Claw dogs is “things that were launched into space”. Wish we could take credit for thinking of the theme, but really the inspiration came from Marlys, Dawn, Cristin and Mike. Mush thanks to them.  And really there are some great names to choose from in that category; Dan and I had a lot of fun naming these adorable puppies.  Who are right now, explorers in their own right, gaining mobility and bravery as they travel farther from the safety of mom.

Now it is my pleasure to introduce to you the Rocket Dogs;
with some information about the names for folks who want to learn more about space exploration and history. Continue reading

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Desk vs. Puppies…

In the battle of “Desk vs. Puppies” the clear and overwhelming winner is PUPPIES!!!!

The first to be born.

The first to be born.

Yup, not much has happened in my electronic life, behind on mail – both e and snail, have not blogged in awhile, and pretty much not accomplishing most of the things I usually do sitting inside at my desk since April 11th. Cause that is when Bedbug gave birth to a litter of beautiful puppies we are calling the Rocket Dogs. (more on that later)

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…the most amazing view. Iditarod 2015

Leaving Fairbanks on the way to Nome.  Photo by - Julien Schroder

Leaving Fairbanks on the way to Nome. Photo by – Julien Schroder

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.” An excerpt from an Edward Abbey Quote (see the full quote here) is etched in my brain as describing my Iditarod.  I had this feeling before I even had the quote to describe it, so when I saw it displayed on the fridge where I stay when I am in Nome* it really resonated. Hopefully as I share with you some of my rambling memories and thoughts on this years race it will all make sense ~ and if not (also possible) then at the very least you must believe me and imagine the the run for White Mountain to Nome. It has moments when you are up in the hills surrounded, engulfed really, with such amazing beauty there is no way words can express it, and at that point you have been through so much. Just one of the many times the feeling that this amazing view, so few will ever get to see, makes the journey no matter how challenging worth it! And when I read the Abbey quote says it summed it up so well.
*Oh and Mush Thanks to Kristine, Ian, and Raina for being amazing friends who always take such good care of me & the dogs when the race is over! Continue reading

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