Office Work & Recovery

First, let me say the term “office” is being used pretty loosely here.  What we actually have is a large desk, laptop, printer, bubble butt chair (to keep me from slouching), filing cabinet, and of course comfy spot for Whiskey to supervise all my work. *To be completely honest Whiskey tends to trust me and spend most of his time asleep on the job.

Where office work happens at Dew Claw

Where office work happens at Dew Claw

But it still effectively serves as the place where we get office type work done around here, so the term office will just have to do.   Hmmm, in retrospect maybe I should have actually cleaned it before taking the picture.  Although that would be a lot like false advertizing.  And I think y’all know I much prefer the dog yard to the office.  Continue reading

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The Knee and PT

Photos from the actual procedure.

Photos from the actual procedure.

Well it is only a few days after the arthroscopic procedure to remove the torn part of my meniscus and clean up the mess that had become the inside of my right knee. Although I am using crutches right now, I am quickly weaning off them. And although I would be lying if I said it has been all rainbows, roses, and happiness since Friday (surgery day) I am happy to report things are actually going quite well.  The biggest frustration is not being able to work with the dogs right now.  But while things are healing it is critical to focus on the PT, reducing swelling, regaining strength and range of motion; basically NOT doing anything could hurt it. And anyone who has spent time in a sled dog kennel knows that the enthusiasm and energy we love so much about theses dogs definitely has the potential to cause me harm in this condition.  And since a major factor in the healing process is how much care and effort I make to do the right thing I am willing to forgo some dog time now in order to have quality running time with them in the future.

So what do I do? A lot of PT and “Ice, Ice, Whiskey” Continue reading

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What a Drag it is Getting Old

Well I don’t actually like the Rolling Stones, hence the Liz Phair cover. And the tag line is really the only part of the entire song that fits our situation, and yet for some reason…

I can not get that line out of my head today, as I blog about me & Whiskey:  “What a Drag it is Getting Old”. Of course we each have our own issues.  Mine is my knee, something I will be gratefully going in to have operated on tomorrow.  This is arguably an age/lifestyle related injury: yeah mushers with a knee injury, go figure.  But Whiskey’s is simply the undeniable incurable old age. Continue reading

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“The winter will ask what we did all summer. “

Panorama of the property taken from the field above the cabin.

Panorama of the property taken from the field above the cabin, summer time in Chatanika.

~ This Gypsy Proverb* is an excellent thought to ponder as I look around our property and think of the days ahead. My list is long, my goals are lofty, and my hopes are high!

Continue reading

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Free Running & Dan’s new toy~

Dan enjoying himself.

Dan enjoying himself.

It is has been a long time coming, literally a decade. But Dan has finally replaced the trail bike he lost in the Boundary Fire. (see pictures and read more here) Not sure who is more excited – Dan or the dogs.

In the summer we like to find ways to keep the dogs active and entertained.  We do small team command training with the quad in our field and around the property. We also like to have retired dogs loose outside with us when we are working in the yard. Plus the trails where we live are ideal for free running the dogs, and a motorcycle is a great way to do that*.  OK you can go with the quad**.   And technically you can even run with the dogs***.  Of course the dogs enjoy a hike as well, but nothing is as much fun for them as a good all out blast with some buddies down the trail. And for our trails an off road motorcycle is a great option for free running.  Not to mention Dan really missed having a trail bike out here; so it was great that he found an amazing deal on this one.

*assuming you are Dan and know how to ride & enjoy that kind of thing.
**which is great for me,  but really the quad  can not always keep up with the dogs when they are going all out.
***even in my best shape / wildest dreams I can’t trail run fast enough for the dogs.

Today the dogs got to enjoy the new bike for the first time. Continue reading

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Answering the Most Asked –

A post mostly by Dan

…with additions by Jodi

Like, for instance the Intro by Jodi-

Dan, answering students letters

Dan, answering students letters

Each year Iditarod mushers get piles of mail (and today email) from students. They come from all over, schools where teachers are using the Iditarod to get students excited about learning. The letters are full of reports on what is going on in classrooms; books being read, math projects, online research, presentations, often if we are lucky the letter will include examples of what kids are working on or original artwork. Each year, after sponsors thank you’s are sent the very next thing that needs to be tackled are the student letters. This year after answering them all Dan took the time to type up the answers to this years “Most Asked” questions to share with y’all.  Now if y’all know Dan you know he is a man of few words…  So he gave me the OK to add some comments, photos, and links for the blog.

Now without further ado,
and as few rambling comments as I can manage,
Dan’s answers to Students Questions

Continue reading

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