Copper Basin 300

Dan at the start of the 2010 Copper Basin

Evening y’all

It is late, the truck is packed, Dan is sleeping, and as soon as I share some info with the friends of Dew Claw I am off to bed myself. Tomorrow in the early AM Dan will be headed down to Glennallen for the Copper Basin 300 sled dog race. This year we are sending one team instead of two. Since neither of us needs qualifiers we can make decisions based on what we feel is in the best interest of our dogs, and have decided to focus on one team for this event.  Dan has always really enjoyed the Copper and it made sense for him to run the team. I will be holding down the fort and working on some of the preparations for my Iditarod drop bags, a huge task to be sure. He will be traveling down with a great friend and experienced race handler, Rick. He has handled for us on the Copper before, and we can totally count on him. Yes we are very lucky to have friends like Rick.

Fixing Loben's bottie at a checkpoint durring the 2010 race

Wanted to share a little about the race, and give y’all some info about following the race online. Billed as the toughest 300 miles in Alaska, and for good reason, the Copper Basin is an excellent place to test your team & yourself. I had always felt if I could not handle the Copper then I still needed more work before trying the Quest or Iditarod, for that reason I ran it twice in preparation for my Idita-Quest rookie runs . There are sections of trail the require good technical sled driving skills, plenty of opportunity for water and overflow to challenge you, and the weather usually kicks in to add to the excitement (think bitter cold and/or deep snow and/or high winds). In spite, or maybe becuase of all that, it is a really fun event. The checkpoints have wonderful hospitality, and the race organization puts on a first class event. You can see a video of Allen Moore (past Copper Basin Champ) talking about the trail on YouTube “Pre-CB300 Talk With Allen — Part 3 — Trail” The race start will be in Chistochina, making for a slightly different order then Allen is narrating in the video, but the sections are the same as he describes. By starting in a different checkpoint each year it changes the strategy somewhat, and also allows different communities to host the start and finish. Here is this years race map.

Jodi running in the 2010 Copper Basin

The race organization also does a great job of keeping fans informed. As part of this years event they will be posting information on the Copper Basin Website. In addition they will have live radio coverage streaming online from the starting chute! OK it is always a bit un-nerving to be a the start line and have a microphone put in your face, but mushers are all doing there best to answer the questions and share with the fans, and it gives y’all a chance to hear what they sound like in person.


KCAMThere will be live radio coverage of the 2012 Copper Basin Sled 300 Dog race will begin at 11:30 a.m. Saturday on KCAM, AM 790 and stream online at

The webpage will update the Current Standings by checkpoint. And a new feature they will be trying, is some live video coverage. The Copper Basin facebook page is sure to be very active, so check there for photos and comments.

In addition Go Mush is an excellent resrouce for mushing news. As is Northern Lights Media. Also check out the Team & Trail blog at the Alaska Dispatch. You can also learn more about the race in the new DVD by Husky Productions “Running Copper Basin” for sale on their website. Rumor has it there is footage of Dan & I, as well as some of the Dew Claw kids.

So please join me in following from afar, and in wishing Dan and the kids all the best of luck for a fun adventure at the Copper Basin 300. Also join me in thanking all the volunteers who make this such a great event. People have been hard at work behind the scenes, from trail breakers to organizers, logistics to web site work; nobody gets paid (or much sleep for the next few days), it’s all for the love of the dog and the sport! We can’t thank the volunteers enough!

Dan’s race team will be:

Ribdon        Purge
Grumpy     Skittle
Windex      Chess
Elias           Vickers
Freezer     Doc
Cloud         Lubbock



About Jodi

Jodi Bailey and Dan Kaduce live a life with dogs. They own Dew Claw Kennel a competitive long distance kennel where dogs come first. Jodi and Dan have each finished both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod 1000 mile sled dog races, in addition to many other races in Alaska.
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  1. Marlene Daniels says:

    Hi Jodi, Am computer bound here in Montana and am following every frame of any coverage I can find of all races, so sure am on board for the CB300. Looks like an exciting schedule ahead for all of you. Best wishes to all. Marlene, mlg

  2. Pam Liechti says:

    Enjoyed reading your information about the Copper Basin race. Good Luck to Dan and the dogs. Wishing fun and safe trails for all.

    Pam L

  3. Tony. Anthony says:


  4. Paula Harding says:

    My first time following this race. I am very excited. And look forward to the adventure. Good luck and be safe.

  5. Thanks for the info Jodi, im hooting for Dan and the kids, hope he has a great race and lots of fun, see ya soon. jeff

  6. Jodi says:

    For all who followed and supported us, Thank You.
    Dan and the dogs are all safe and happy. We want to thank the race and the volunteers who run it for all the hard work they did, and for making a difficult decision under difficult circumstances.

    Wanted to share this first hand account of the race as written by Aliy Zirkle, at SP Kennel. Aliy and Allen have years of experience racing and traveling by dog team. They are a class act and, like Dew Claw, have a deep commitment to & bond with their dogs. This ‘dogs first’ philosophy ensures the health and safety of our teams.

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