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The Dogs of Dew Claw

The dogs of Dew Claw Kennel are Alaskan Huskies with bloodlines tracing back through generations of racing dogs. For over a decade we have been breeding, training, and racing these amazing athletes, and it is our pleasure to share some information about our dogs (affectionately called our kids) with you.

We hope you enjoy these blog posts and photo albums:

About the Alaskan Husky: (posts will open in a new tab/window)

And how can you resist Puppy Pictures!

Meet the 2013 race dogs:  Yukon Quest     Iditarod

And of course we can not forget Whiskey!    2000* - 2014 *adopted


Jodi & Dan rescued Whiskey in 2000 and he was the 'little man' at Dew Claw.  Old age caught up with him and in 2014 he left this earth, but lives on in our memories.

Whiskey is ready for a road trip

Our little man Whiskey is always ready for a road trip.

Self appointed guardian of couch, alarm system, cuddle puppy, cat tourmentor, road trip co-pilot, kennel mascot, and super model for Jodi's many photo shoots. Becuase Jodi is convinced Whiskey is "the cutest dog in the world".

Cutest Dog in the World

All curled up for a nap on Jodi's parka, how cute is that.





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