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Usibelli Coal Mine Healy Alaska Halliburton
TJ's Land Clearing    ManMat Mushing Gear
Dr. Carson's
Bailey Farms
Neos Overshoes Intuition Liners
Adient Health Apocalypse Design 
VCA Animal Hospital

T Rose Veterinary Service

Mobile Small and Large Animal Care,
Fairbanks Alaska

Team Dew Claw * indicates Checkpoint Sponsor
(see checkpoint map and info here)

Nancy Bailey* Meg Thornton Viriginia Pond*
Dawn Beckwell * Walt & Janet
Kirstie McGuinness*
Carol & Don Hand* Deb & Hunter Davis* Alexandra Hill
Marlys Sauer*  Dave Smith* Joel Switzer
Kliff Hopson &
Gail Lordi
Sandra Wildfeuer  TC Wait &
Dave Wurts
Theresa & John Daily  Pendra King Erin Trochim &
Matt Sprau
Myron & Doris Kaduce Mary Knight Alvina Holleyman
Kristine Heath Elliot Judy Wait Kristine & Ian McRae
Debbie Hoover Bob & Jolene Parsons  


Team Dew Claw

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsors.

Halliburton - Alaska

Usibelli Coal Mine, Healy Alaska

TJ's Landclearing Tom Gross, owner

Dr. Carson's

ManMat Mushing Gear

NEOS Overshoe


Bailey Farms

BARKYou can donate directly to our dog food account.
Contact Cold Spot Feeds.

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