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You can be a part of Team Dew Claw

Lets's get the team to Nome

Jodi and the team will be working hard to get to Nome one checkpoint at a time. We have posted our annual Winter Wish List. And now you can also support Dew Claw by taking part in our Checkpoint Sponsor program. For a donation of $500 or greater you can choose from available checkpoints and have your name on our checkpoint map*. (see below)

Donations can be made using the PayPal "Donate" button at right.
contact us for more information:

In addition to the Thank You gifts sent to all members of Team Dew Claw, checkpoint sponsors will each receive a limited edition custom photo book highlighting the amazing canine athletes that travel the Iditarod trail*. It will also include the map showing the checkpoints & sponsors.

Sponsors may choose to share an encouraging message; or a checkpoint may be sponsored to honor someone special, a favorite charity, or organization. When making your donation please let us know which checkpoint you would like to sponsor and how you would like your name and information to appear. You may pick from avaliable checkpoints, if no checkpoint is requested you will be given the next avaliable one on the trail, begining with Anchorage.

Checkpoint distance
to next
distance from ANC distance to Nome Sponsored by
Anchorage start     Pendra King
Willow 52 115 1016  
Yentna 34 149 982  
Skwentna 45 194 937  
Finger Lake 30 224 907  
Rainy Pass 48 272 859 In memory of Little Jerry
Lou & Fran Varndell
Rohn 75 347 784  
Nikolai 54 401 730 Marlys Sauer
McGrath 18 419 712 Robert & Jolene Parsons
Takotna 25 444 687 Carol and Don Hand
Ophir 90 534 597 Dawn Beckwell
Iditarod 65 599 532 Kirstie McGuinness
Kirstie's Relay for Life
Shageluk 25 624 507  
Anvik 18 642 489  
Grayling 60 702 429 Walt & Janet Tremer
Eagle Island 70 772 359  
Kaltag 90 862 269 Nancy Frost
Unalakleet 40 902 229 Mike Farmer
Shaktoolik 58 960 171 Dad & Grampa & Forrest are watching
Koyuk 48 1008 123 Daniel Faltyn
Elim 28 1036 95  
Golovin 18 1054 77 * Not an official checkpoint
White Mountain 55 1109 22  
Safety 22 1131 0  
Nome finsh     In memory of Fordyce Logan Jr
Paul Logan

- To read Don Bower’s notes on each leg of the race, click on any of the checkpoints listed at this website - The Iditarod Trail. -

Never fear friends; Iditarod is not the only adventure Dew Claw has planned. If we can secure sponsorship for all checkpoints on the 2013 Iditarod and folks are still wanting to get involved we will expand the checkpoint sponsor program to include other races.

*Thank you gifts are handled after the racing season,
estimated shipping in May of 2013

Team Dew Claw

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsors.

Halliburton - Alaska

Usibelli Coal Mine, Healy Alaska

TJ's Landclearing Tom Gross, owner

Bailey Farms

Manmat mushing gear

NEOS Overshoe


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