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Life of a Dew Claw Dog

We love to have puppies born right in then living room where we have easy access to all that puppy cuteness. It also means the puppies get a lot of socialization starting from the very beginning.

nap time
Can you handle the cuteness

New Moms Gypsy & Guppy share the work

Puppy Pike
Puppy Pile

Once puppies outgrow the living room they move to the outside puppy pen. But they will spend a great deal of their time free, allowing them to grow, explore, and continue to have lots of interaction with us.

Playing in the front yard

puppy house
Moving into the outside house with mom

puppy pen
In the puppy pen

Sunbathing by the flower bed

new house
Checking out the new place

doggie in the window
How much is that doggie in the window?

Puppies move into the main dog yard as they get old enough to start training with the team.

Yuki playing on her first day in the dog yard

dog yard
Elwood relaxing in the dog yard

Fall training begins with the quad every August.

fall training
Fall training on the trail behind our house

Winter is the season of snowy trails and sleds, a dogs favorite time. With their natural love of running, and inherent cold weather adaptations they are born for this.

Dan with the race team
Dan running 20 race dogs on the Denali Highway

Mushers view
The musher's view

Good fun on a snowy day

Dogs who retire either find their way to cabins with cozy couches and owners who don't mind dog hair on the furniture, or live with us till the end of their days.

house dogs
Whiskey & Guppy ~ the pets, holding down the fort

Zazoom was on Dan's first race team, now retired

Diesel, early Dew Claw race leader, now retired

old meets new
Old Meets New - Zazoom (retired) meets Neptune (born Nov. 2011)

Team Dew Claw

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsors.

Halliburton - Alaska

Usibelli Coal Mine, Healy Alaska

TJ's Landclearing
Tom Gross, owner

ManMat Mushing Gear

Bailey Farms

Manmat mushing gear

NEOS Overshoe


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